Youth Meeting Director

This summer, we are hosting a CISV Youth Meeting in Saskatoon! We are seeking a director to join our team. If you are looking for a rewarding volunteer role with a great group of people that will give you lots of leadership experience, this is for you.

About Youth Meetings

Youth Meetings bring small groups of young people of similar ages together from different countries. They feature individual themes that allow participants to explore intercultural issues and the program reinforces core CISV values, builds leadership and organizational skills, while promoting continued CISV involvement.

Some participants may have already participated in a Village or an Interchange and be comfortable with CISV programs, and for others this may be their first CISV experience. The camp is welcoming and inclusive for everyone. As with all of our programs, there is an emphasis on friendship and fun.

Our Youth Meeting

-Five delegations from five different countries
-Each delegation is 6 children aged 12-13 plus 1 adult leader
-Dates: July 22, 2019 – August 5, 2019
-Location: 30-45 minutes outside of Saskatoon
-Reference # Y-2019-010

Youth Meeting Director Role

The Youth Meeting director has a key role within the Youth Meeting staff team which will be made up of up to 5 members including you (the director), staff age 21+, and up to one junior staff age 19-20.

The director will over see all aspects of a staff team and ensure the responsibilities of the staff team are being carried out responsibly.

The director will be the single point of contact externally regarding all serious issues while the program is running. They will understand the crisis communication plan and be in touch with the local risk manager.

The director will be on-site for the duration of the Youth Meeting, with one full day before and one full day after, for a total of two weeks.

Leading up to to the Youth Meeting, the director will have 2 days of local training and 1 weekend of national training.

The camp director is invited to the hosting committee meetings but is not required to attend. They will need to consult the committee on all matters involving spending money including excursions, guest presenters, special meal requests and anything involving transportation or special supplies.

The director will be part of the recruitment and selection of the rest of the staff team. Once the staff is chosen, they will start planning and distributing responsibilities and will likely meet multiple times between March and the start of the program.

Please note:

-The director must be age 21 or older by the first day of the program.
-Previous CISV experience is required. (Equivalent experience will be considered.)
-Experience with Youth Meeting would be considered an asset.
-CISV Canada staff training is mandatory: May 10-12, location to be determined. Costs are covered by CISV Canada, including travel.

This is a volunteer position with food and lodging provided during the Youth Meeting. Training and guidance are also provided.

The deadline for applications is November 26. To apply, submit the form below to