Mini Camp

Next Minicamp: March 22-24

Get excited because CISV Saskatoon will be hosting our first mini-camp of 2019 with the theme Cookie-a-thon! What will we be doing? You guessed it: baking cookies! We will be baking cookies for 12 hours that will be given to the Youth Meeting CISV Saskatoon is hosting this summer. But don’t worry, our baking will also be interspersed with fun and educational games and activities. Whether you are new to CISV, or you’ve been involved for many years, we would love to welcome you to our mini-camp!

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To bake cookies we will need ingredients. If you are willing to donate ingredients then click the link below. The ingredients are broken into separate amounts (ex: dozen eggs) if you want to donate more than that amount select it multiple times (ex: select a dozen eggs twice to donate 2 dozen eggs).

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Hope to see you all at Minicamp!

What is a Mini Camp?

Mini Camps are local weekend camps for children and youth aged 8+ who are interested in building friendships in a fun and caring environment, and learning how to make a difference in their communities and the world. These camps are a great introduction to CISV and an amazing way to spend a weekend.

What do you do at a Mini Camp?

Participants explore one or several of CISV’s educational themes: diversity, human rights, conflict and resolution, and sustainable development. Indoor and outdoor activities are a mixture of games, sports, art, drama, music, nature activities, guest speakers, discussions, and team building activities. Mini Camps are run by adult leaders, but in line with CISV’s ‘learning by doing’ approach, activities at Mini Camp are often planned and lead by youth from CISV Saskatoon’s Junior Board.

Where are Mini Camps?

Most are at Salvation Army Beaver Creek Camp but the May one is often held in Cypress Hills. The Salvation Army Beaver Creek Camp (also known as Brightwater) is located 15km south of Saskatoon, just east of highway 219. Drive past the Beaver Creek Conservation Area and look for a sign on the left hand side. It has separate boys and girls cabins, fully winterized, each with clean, comfortable sleeping facilities and washrooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen, large dining room and auditorium. Showers are limited. All of the buildings are smoke free.

What should I bring?

Sleeping bag and pillow (mattresses are supplied)
Weather-appropriate clothing (expect to be outside)
Running shoes
Slippers for indoors
Water bottle
Fruit or cookies to share

Can I volunteer?

Yes! Adult volunteers (21+) are always needed to help facilitate the weekend, from cooking duties and general supervision, to getting involved in the activities and participating. It’s an energizing and rewarding way to spend a weekend. Please note criminal record checks are required for those that wish to stay overnight. Contact us to help out and be part of the fun.

For families unable to meet the registration fees, funds may be available from Creative Kids Saskatchewan.