Day 14 – Cleaning, closing activities and the Northern Lights

Our last day of camp came too quickly. We spent the morning cleaning the campsite and packing our things and then had goodbye activities.

We revealed our monitos (a secret friend we left messages, candy, and small presents for) and wrote goodbye letters to everyone at camp. In the evening we did the candle ceremony, where each person says something special about camp. Today was a special time to reflect on our experience at camp and the friendships we made. The participants came to camp as the seeds of change, grew into sprouts, and will continue to grow into trees back home. Together, all those amazing trees make a forest. We really did have an amazing camp.

Our last night was a slumber party – everyone moved their mattresses into the lullabies lounge and we laughed, sang, and laughed some more. We were very lucky and at 1:30 am the Northern Lights came out. It was a spectacular show, with the lights changing and dancing all night long.

In the morning was time to say goodbye. Thank you to everyone for such an amazing camp!!

2nd day – Planting the “Seeds of Change”

The Brazilian delegation did an amazing job of waking everyone up to some great music (and serving some typical Brazilian sweets to go with breakfast). We had a very busy day doing many different activities but some of the highlights are:

Brazil’s highlights from the 2nd day of “Seeds of Change” Youth Meeting!

Activity 1: Constructing a Sustainable Society
Participants were split into groups (1 person from each country) and had to use a variety of different recycling materials to build a sustainable society on Mars. There was lots of great collaboration, communication, and creativity as they constructed their sustainable societies.

Activity 2: Global Issues Carousal Brainstorming
Everyone shared what they knew about different global and local issues, what they thought about it, and some solutions or ideas they had to help make the problem better.

Initiative Task Activity
Bees are crucial to the survival of the human population, wildlife, and the environment and participants shared their thoughts about bees. It was interesting to hear the different ideas about humans harvesting honey! One way that was suggested was to help bees was to plant different types of flowers and plants for them.

Sharing thoughts and learning about the importance of bees

Activity 3: Planting the “Seeds of Change”
We planted lettuce, kale, beans, cucumbers, and micro greens and now we are waiting, watching, and wishing they would grow. Everyone has their own seeds to look after in their room and we have a lot of communal seeds as well that we are hoping will sprout during our camp.

Snack: Cookies
CISV Saskatoon’s Junior Branch had a cookie-a-thon to bake chocolate chip cookies for us. They made over 1000 cookies for us and we have been eating them everyday at snack (in addition to lots of fruits and vegetables too)

Sitting around the campfire
After all the different activities were finished, everyone went outside to sit around the fire, watch the stars, roast smores, and sing songs

Our camp chef Brooke started an amazing fire for us to sit around and roast marshmallows

We do energizers throughout the day to get our bodies ready for moving and learning, and also because they are so much fun.

Until next time…

1st day of camp! “Seeds of Change” Youth Meeting

Hello everyone, we are so excited to be at camp and have been having a really great time! All delegates travelled out to site on a big yellow school bus after their home-stays and flights and were welcomed by the leaders and staff. The first day is always a whirlwind of activity and getting to know each other and we have been having a great time.

Arriving on the bus to our campsite

Our campsite has many great places for educational and recreational activities (such as a gym with different types of balls/nets, a foosball table, ping pong table, lots of comfy couches, a cozy space for singing lullabies, a stage, outdoor fields, a fire pit, big and small activities rooms, and a big dining hall to eat lots of delicious locally grown food).

Our first day activities included many different types of team building games and get to know you activities. This has helped us to “break the ice” and already many friendships are forming. Some of the activities we did were a variety of energizers, the west wind blows, the blanket game, bang, hoohah, invisible object, ball juggling, and many more. The delegates will be working in planning groups with others from different countries, and will take turns leading the rest of the camp in thoughtful, engaging, educational, and fun activities that focus on our theme “Seeds of Change”.

Playing the blanket name game
Playing the game of hoohah
Getting to know you games

Our camp is all about how small actions have big impacts, and we are trying to be as sustainable as possible. We are using lots of natural light from the sunny Saskatchewan skies, recycling as much as we possibly can, not wasting edible food, and composting everything.

We have started a dropbox where we will post all of our photos (we are taking lots) The leader of your delegation will tell you the login information and password so you can log in and see all the photos.

Every day we will have a Delegation of the Day who will prepare something for our blog. Day 2 is Brazil – check back soon to hear from them about our second day!

Brazil delegation arrives to camp
USA delegation arrives to camp
Canadian Delegation arrives to camp
Switzerland delegation arrives to camp
The Spanish delegation got delayed, but they arrived and we were so happy to see them!