Adult Leaders

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Can I lead a group of kids on an international program?

Yes! Every year, CISV Saskatoon puts delegations together to represent Canada at international programs. Each delegation has one 21+ volunteer leader as part of the group. Good qualities for a delegation leader are experience with the age group of the delegates, experience working in a multi-cultural setting, belief in CISV principles, strong leadership and group work skills, experience traveling abroad or experiencing culture shock, and acting as a good role model to youth.

We are currently taking applications for our 2019 programs. Use this form to apply.

Village Leader (age 21+)
Calgary, Canada
July 5 – August 1, 2019

Village Leader (age 21+)
Mexico City, Mexico
June 28 – July 25, 2019

Step Up Leader (age 21+)
Halifax, Canada
July 5 – July 27, 2019

Youth Meeting Leader (age 21+)
Chile, Santiago
January 3 – January 17, 2020

Youth Meeting Staff (age 21+)
Saskatoon, Canada
July 22 – August 5, 2019

Youth Meeting Junior Staff (age 19-20)
Saskatoon, Canada
July 22 – August 5, 2019

Can I volunteer at a local Mini Camp? 

Yes! CISV Saskatoon hosts four Mini Camp weekends each year. They are usually hosted just outside the city but sometimes they are in other locations further afield. Mini Camp 19+ volunteer leaders play a key role in the success of our program offering support to youth organizers, supervising youth, and being a positive role model.

What else can I do?

There are also leadership opportunities with other local programs and special events, and opportunities like joining our board or one of our committees.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of these or other opportunities.