Day 14 – Cleaning, closing activities and the Northern Lights

Our last day of camp came too quickly. We spent the morning cleaning the campsite and packing our things and then had goodbye activities.

We revealed our monitos (a secret friend we left messages, candy, and small presents for) and wrote goodbye letters to everyone at camp. In the evening we did the candle ceremony, where each person says something special about camp. Today was a special time to reflect on our experience at camp and the friendships we made. The participants came to camp as the seeds of change, grew into sprouts, and will continue to grow into trees back home. Together, all those amazing trees make a forest. We really did have an amazing camp.

Our last night was a slumber party – everyone moved their mattresses into the lullabies lounge and we laughed, sang, and laughed some more. We were very lucky and at 1:30 am the Northern Lights came out. It was a spectacular show, with the lights changing and dancing all night long.

In the morning was time to say goodbye. Thank you to everyone for such an amazing camp!!