Day 13 – Gala Night

The leaders woke everyone up this morning and ran an activity on Social Media and Instagram. This activity was important to learn about the impact that social media has on our lives, and how things on the internet are not necessarily portraying the truth.

Next up was the talent show, with the staff making an appearance of The Chins and singing one of the camp’s favourite songs, “Country Roads”. The leaders came out with a synchronized swimming performance that was hilarious and then the stage was passed over to the delegates.

After lunch we walked to the centre of town to the grain elevator and the Museum of Wheat. We were able to go inside and learn about the history of Saskatchewan and the role that grain elevators played. There used to be over 3000 elevators in Saskatchewan, but less than 250 remain and they are not really used, and in horrible shape and being demolished all the time. Its sad to see the symbol of the prairies disappear.

After our visit to the grain elevator was time to rest and relax a little and then get ready for Gala Night!

For Gala Night our dining hall was transformed with white tablecloths, centre pieces, and a delightful dessert table. We had spaghetti and meatballs (plus other tasty dishes) and everyone showed up in fancy outfits. We had many different stations available to make the night awesome! All the stations were planned and organized by the delegates. Some of the stations were a photo booth, horse races, fortune teller, slideshow, root beer pong, snack table and a quiet zone. There were some tears, some laughs, and a giant just dance party. It was a great celebration of our camp!