Day 12 – Last full day of educational activities

Team Radish started off the day with a two part activity to help us reflect on our able-bodied privilege and how things might change if we had a disability. In one space groups did an activity similar to telephone, where you had to pass a word on to the next person. In another space, participants wrote out what they did during their morning routine an then they had to imagine how that would be different if they had a disability. Our participants were able to make lots of connections to their real lives, and share some great perspectives on how having a disability changes your life but doesn’t make it impossible to do things.

Next up was Abalom group, everyone was given a passport and went to ancient masters and had to do a task. Depending on which country the passport was from, made the task more difficult or easier. This was an activity that allowed us to learn about immigration and share and reflect about our knowledge and experience with it.

After lunch the Purple Group ran a version of Clue. This was a fun activity that forced everyone to pay attention to small details.

In the evening, we had another fire roast. Hot dogs and smokies were on the menu, followed by more smores, and singing and fun times enjoying the outdoors.