Day 11 – Switzerland National Day

The delegation from Switzerland planned the first activity – a journey through Switzerland. We had to pass through the border checkpoint by sharing facts about Switzerland, make an advertisement for a watch, visit Geneva and learn about the history, taste some cheese and chocolate, and other great adventures.

Next up was the Macheena Takos group, who had planned a version of World Masters where every person in each group had to communicate in a different language. It was interesting to see how each group was able to manage using body language and understand what others were trying to communicate. At each station there was a task to complete, such as build a monster, human pyramid, or the human knot.

In the afternoon the staff planned two activities. The first was the Zipper, a trust activity in which everyone laid on the ground with their hands in the air and we passed participants up the line. It took communication, collaboration, and a lot of trust in each other to complete. Then it was All Aboard, where everyone had to stand on a platform. The first round was easy but the platform got smaller and smaller. Everyone had to work together. It was cool in our group because there was no leader, just everyone sharing ideas and trying to incorporate them in order to find success.

For supper we had fondue!

In the evening the Mosquitoast planned a very thoughtful activity that connected to fake news, governments hiding information, gossip, and much more. Groups of journalists had to look for pieces of information around the campsite and report this information to President Panchuk. The key pieces of information were that a pesticide factory was going to be built on protected land, it would kill many plants/animals/fish, it had exploded 50 years ago killing 8000 people, construction would start in 3 days at 9 pm, and President Panchuk was the only one who could stop the project. Two teams of journalists broke the story at almost the same time. Exciting and educational!