Day 10 – sleep in day

Today everyone slept in because we have been so busy! It makes you tired to make friends and learn about different things that are happening in the world. After breakfast the Canadian Delegation designed a “game of life” where groups of pretended to be a different person and had to try to get a job, find a house, and get food and water. Some groups had a disadvantage, depending on their gender identity.

The next activity focused on the drug trade, in which smugglers (participants) had to hide pieces of paper and run across the field without the cops (adults) catching them. The debrief of this activity had lots of people sharing, because most of the participants have had experience with knowing someone who has tried smoking, drugs, or alcohol. This is an important issue for many at camp, and something that is affecting many young people today.

Sharing experiences, thoughts, feelings, and reflections during our debrief

Our camp chef cooked us another amazing lunch, using the fresh dill from the garden in addition to many other delicious things. She is really treating us well with all the wonderful food we have been eating! (THANK YOU!)

President Panchuk made a return in the afternoon to inform the space travellers that their ship to space can not continue to carry all the things they had wanted to take to their new sustainable society on another planet. Groups had to work together to determine what was a need and want in the group, while solving any conflicts that may arise.

The evening activity was a fun game of Mickey Mouse, in which you try to get your team members in the comfy chair by calling different characters and switching places. It can get pretty funny and you need to have a great memory!