Day 8 – Teamwork and time flying

The adult group planned a cooperative team building activity for the morning were groups of participants had to use balloons, straws, and popsicle sticks to build the tallest tower. Everyone had very different ideas about how to accomplish the task. Each group took a unique approach to the tower and we were surprised by their creativity!

It was a hot day, and the Macheena Takos group planned some water activities for us to cool off. Delegations had to become a “submarine” – only the person in the back could see with all the others’ eyes closed, and they all held on to each other’s shoulders in a line. The goal was to navigate your submarine, and communicate silently of when the front person should toss their cup of water (ultimately soaking the others)

The Purple Group planned an escape room activity for later in the day. Those trapped in the room had to try to navigate the clues while experiencing different disabilities, such as not being able to see, hear, or perhaps having a body part missing or not able to function as well. Participants were very helpful and caring to each other, and shared their knowledge and experience of different disabilities in a thoughtful debrief afterwards.

In the evening Team Radish planned a version of capture the flag, in which immigrants had to try to retrieve a passport.