Day 6 – Cultural Activities have begun!

After wake-up, breakfast, and cleaning the Brazil delegation presented their cultural activity. Participants had to find members of the delegation to discover about different problems in the their environment. We had a great conversation afterwards learning about the different issues that exist in each location, as well as some similar problems we all share around the world.

Abalom planning group then ran a food web activity. There were different animals on different levels of the food chain and they had to tag each other as a way of eating the other animals. Things were working out great, until a human hunter was introduced and the population of the animals quickly declined and some went extinct. We had a great reflection about animal rights, as well as how some big companies are taking over smaller run businesses.

Some responses to the Food Chain activity

In the afternoon the USA delegation ran their activity, which was the $100 dollar race. Participants got to experience how different privilege and situations in life could help them to achieve more success, or could make things more difficult for them.

It was Carlos’ birthday today and Brooke made a special confetti cake with pink icing and gummy bears. Everyone sang a big happy birthday to him and made a fancy card for him to take home 🙂

Participants then filled out sticky notes for our tree, in which they identified roots (what they need), trunk (their strengths), and leaves (what they give out to the world). It was nice to come together as a community and see how we work together.

There were more great lullabies in the evening (and of course lots of ping pong throughout the day)

We also kicked off our Monito envelopes – in which everyone gets a monito (a special friend) and they can leave them nice notes or other surprises.