Day Five – Another great day at camp!

Spain is delegation of the day!
The Spanish delegation’s recap of Day 5!

Team Radish planned a fun running activity to start the day. Delegations had to find folks who were hiding, complete a team challenge, and receive letters that could be combined to spell recycling based words. None of the teams received all the letters they needed, so they needed to work together and combine their letters (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Resell, Repurpose, etc)

Just Takis ran a lifeboat activity where each person was assigned a character to pretend to be (who had both good and bad qualities that were slowly revealed over time). Those in the lifeboat had to decide who to ‘throw overboard’ after each round. We had a great debrief and discussion afterwards.

The Spanish delegation’s cultural activity was Cluedo (a murder mystery to find who had killed the future president.) The future president had decided to cancel the Madrid Central, which bans all petrol cars from the centre of Madrid due to the excessive amount of pollution. We had to find different ministers and ask them question and ultimately figure out who it was.

The Spanish Delegation planned a Murder Mystery Activity

In the evening the staff and leaders ran the Beep Bop Boop activity. Anytime participants said anything, the adults said beep. Anytime they touched an adult, they said bop and when they tried to exit the circle from the wrong area the adult said boop. This same activity normally takes around 3 hours, but our delegates were able to communicate with each other and escaped in 10 minutes!