Day 4 – Participants run activities!

Canada is delegation of the day!
Canadian delegations recap of the day

The Canadian delegation got the day started with some delicious coffee crisp chocolate bars (that they picked up from the local co-op store), and after breakfast we had our first planning group activity.

President Panchuk called the camp to a meeting and let participants know that it was their time to depart earth and blast off into space to start a new sustainable civilization. Along the way they ran into ship trouble and had to go to Planet Macheena to get supplies, but there they discovered Aliens (the Takoss). They had to learn how to communicate without language and get the supplies they needed.

Macheena Takos planning group with their alien outfits

Participants are continuing to love the ping pong table – everyone gets to play and have some fun with each other and make lots of great friendships. Our activities are full of educational opportunities, critical thinking, and great moments for sharing and learning so its really nice to have time for fun as well.

The participants love to play ping pong

For lunch our wonderful camp chef made us some delicious Saskatchewan style food – perogies and borscht! For dessert later in the evening we had some delicious rhubarb crisp with rhubarb from the garden. Almost everyone gave it a try even though it was new for many.

The Purple Group ran an activity in the afternoon. Groups had to obtain different resources so that their country could survive, at the beginning there was a lot of stealing resources and some trading. The goal of the activity was for groups to realize that they had to work together, because there was enough resources for everyone if they shared (just like in the real world).

Running while trying to collect resources

In the evening the Just Takis group led some fun activities, including Ninja, Samurai, and the hand game. All our planning groups are doing such a fabulous job and we are so proud of them! Afterwards we all sang and sung lullabies together…

The Hand Game ran by Just Takis planning group
Singing lullabies together at the end of a busy day 🙂