3rd Day of Camp! Planning groups get together!

Switzerland was Delegation of the Day and woke everyone up banging pots and pans and then our leader’s took us on an adventure sailing the 7cs!

Switzerland Delegation

After cleaning groups our leader’s took the delegations on a Sailing Adventure of the 7c’s of creating an activity.

We did sailing themed energizers, played Captain’s Coming, and had a skit about a party that had gone terribly wrong due to bad planning. Delegates had the opportunity to be the directors and make changes that would lead to a successful surprise party.

Sailing themed energizer
Captain’s Coming!

The Swiss delegation ran some great energizers for our whole group, such as Singing in the Rain and Gasolina, and even hosted a yodelling contest to see who would get to each lunch first. They also brought some delicious Swiss chocolate for us all to try.

Delegations had the opportunity to bond with their planning groups during the Olympics – practicing the 7cs through events like carrying a card across the gym, a charades race, ball toss, dance party, and much more.

In the evening participants played a game of Werewolf, trying to figure out whodunnit before we relaxed and sang together during lullabies.