2nd day – Planting the “Seeds of Change”

The Brazilian delegation did an amazing job of waking everyone up to some great music (and serving some typical Brazilian sweets to go with breakfast). We had a very busy day doing many different activities but some of the highlights are:

Brazil’s highlights from the 2nd day of “Seeds of Change” Youth Meeting!

Activity 1: Constructing a Sustainable Society
Participants were split into groups (1 person from each country) and had to use a variety of different recycling materials to build a sustainable society on Mars. There was lots of great collaboration, communication, and creativity as they constructed their sustainable societies.

Activity 2: Global Issues Carousal Brainstorming
Everyone shared what they knew about different global and local issues, what they thought about it, and some solutions or ideas they had to help make the problem better.

Initiative Task Activity
Bees are crucial to the survival of the human population, wildlife, and the environment and participants shared their thoughts about bees. It was interesting to hear the different ideas about humans harvesting honey! One way that was suggested was to help bees was to plant different types of flowers and plants for them.

Sharing thoughts and learning about the importance of bees

Activity 3: Planting the “Seeds of Change”
We planted lettuce, kale, beans, cucumbers, and micro greens and now we are waiting, watching, and wishing they would grow. Everyone has their own seeds to look after in their room and we have a lot of communal seeds as well that we are hoping will sprout during our camp.

Snack: Cookies
CISV Saskatoon’s Junior Branch had a cookie-a-thon to bake chocolate chip cookies for us. They made over 1000 cookies for us and we have been eating them everyday at snack (in addition to lots of fruits and vegetables too)

Sitting around the campfire
After all the different activities were finished, everyone went outside to sit around the fire, watch the stars, roast smores, and sing songs

Our camp chef Brooke started an amazing fire for us to sit around and roast marshmallows

We do energizers throughout the day to get our bodies ready for moving and learning, and also because they are so much fun.

Until next time…