National Interchange with Montreal


Delegation has not been selected! Best wishes to all our participants!

Gillian, Alyssa, Esprit, Mary, Bethany, Sarabel, Jocelyn, Alex, Lane, Anthony, and Milo

*June 28- July 9 (Hosting in Saskatoon)
*July 9 – July 17 2017 (Traveling to Montreal)

*Dates might slightly change depending on flight availability.


Four boys, four girls and an 2 adult leader will be selected from CISV Saskatoon to participate in the interchange as the Saskatoon Delegation. They each will be partnered with a youth from the partnering city, Montreal. This will be their interchange partner.

CISV Saskatoon will spend 10 days hosting in Saskatoon and 10 days visiting to Montreal. During the hosting phase your child and family will host their partner in your home. During the traveling phase your child will stay in their partner’s home.

*Participants must be 12 years old by March 31st 2017.


Cross Cultural friendship builds open mindedness, tolerance and reduces discriminator behavior in individuals. Learning about how someone else lives not only helps you understand the world it helps you define your own culture and builds identity.

This year’s interchange will focus on the theme of heritage and history with a focus on aboriginal content and celebration of diversity in Canada.


Sample Interchange Calendar – This is just an example of what an interchange might look like.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Visitors Arrive to Saskatoon

Visiting Delegates phone home

Family Time


Group Welcome Party

*Home Visits by leaders


Family Time

Canada Day

Group Activity


Family Weekend


Family Weekend

Visiting Delegates phone home


Group Activity


Group Activity


Cultural Night


Delegate Evaluation – AM

Farewell Party – Afternoon


Travel to Montreal

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Saskatoon Delegates Depart

18 19 20 21 22 23


The time has arrived to welcome the partner delegation! We expect that family members will be at the airport to meet their interchange partner. A welcome banner would also be appropriate

Welcome Party

After your interchange partner has had a chance to settle in you will meet with the other families and their delegation partners for a welcome party. This party can be held at someone’s house or a public park. Food can be catered or potluck style. This is chance for all delegates to spend time together and for families to check in with each other.

Home Visits

The interchange leaders will be stopping by your house within the first 3 days of arriving. During this time the leader will help with any cultural or language barriers and help break the ice between the interchange family and the visiting delegate. Interchange leaders are always available by phone in case of emergency. This will be reciprocated when your child arrives in the partners’ country.

Family Time

Culture starts in your home. Teaching a visitor about your culture is easy, just be yourself! Whatever you would normally do during summer holidays is a great way to teach your interchange partner about life in Canada. Play sports, cook together, attend some local festivals, show them places in the city that you go often like your school, grocery store, malls, churches and other family or friends homes. During family time we expect you to spend quality time with your interchange partner.

Group Activity

Spending time together with the large group is often remembered as a favorite time amongst past interchange participants. There are many things you can do as a group to teach your partner about Saskatoon. Shopping Day, Boom Town, Wanuskawin or throwing a disc by the river might be just a few suggestions. Group activities are planned ahead of time by the interchange delegates and their families.

Mini Camp

Some interchanges has a small mini camp that includes the delegates from the interchange, the leaders and a few adults for supervision and cooking. During this time leaders and delegates can plan activities for group bonding, team building and peace education. This is a chance for the interchange to get that camp feeling that other CISV programs are so famous for.

Cultural Night

The visiting delegation will need to prepare a cultural night, during this night they will do a presentation about their home community for your family. Sometimes chapter members or public are invited as well and sometimes it is a closed event. They might share food, songs, traditional dance, videos, pictures or trivia. The Saskatoon delegation will do the same in return when visiting their partner city.

Family Weekend

What do you do on a regular family vacation? Go to the lake? Maybe West Edmonton Mall? Well family weekend is a great way to show your interchange partner the beauty of our province! Each interchange family will do their own thing this weekend however it will be discussed with the group ahead of time to ensure that each experience is equal in quality.

Communication schedule

Adapting to a new place can be very difficult and with only 2 weeks we want to make it as easy as possible. That means limiting e-mailing and phone calls home. Interchanges have a communication schedule so that delegates and parents know when exactly they can expect a phone call from their children. Outside of those times delegates are encouraged not to call home.

Parents Meetings

It is important that parents are able to meet to discuss details of the interchange. The interchange program involves the entire family which makes it unique to any other CISV program. In order to make sure everyone is on the same page you will be required to attend meetings before, during and after the interchange.

Delegates Meetings

Delegates are expected to learn, enjoy and be a responsible delegate. They are also expected to help plan group activities, family activities and prepare the mini camp. They should choose a theme and try and develop the theme through educational activities. The delegation will have meetings with their leader before the program begins.

Parents Role

Interchange is a family program. It is expected that each parent will take on different roles before, during and after the interchange. Some of those include:

  • Delegation Parent Coordinator
  • Travel Coordinator / Health Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Hosting Logistics Coordinator
  • Other


There is an interchange fee to participate in the program. This fee covers insurance, leaders training and first aid and other administrative costs. The fee is $441.00.

Thanks to the generosity of Experiences Canada the interchanges flights will be funded completely so you will not be required to pay for the flights – yipeee!! Normally an interchange participants would need to pay for the flights and a portion of the leaders flight.

Each interchange group will meet to discuss the budget, some things that will need to be considered are:


  • National Night Hosting (location)
  • Mini Camp (accommodation, food, travel)
  • Group Activities (admissions, transportation)
  • Welcome/Farewell Night (location and food)
  • Leader Stipend
  • Family Days – personal expenses
  • Miscellaneous


  • Airfare – COVERED!
  • 1/8th Leaders Airfare – COVERED!
  • National Night expenses (food, souvenirs, etc)
  • Emergency money
  • Travel Outfit
  • Host gifts
  • Personal spending money
  • Travel insurance – COVERED!