CISVers learn about Bird Banding

Bird Banding – Community Involvement Activity 2016!

A huge thank you to Melanie Elliot for letting us join in the fun! Also to our CISV volunteers Chantelle and Nicole for making this experience a possibility for our chapter.

CISVers at the Bird Banding activity June 5 2016


June 5th 2016 CISV Saskatoon members went along with wildlife expert Melanie Elliot on her bird banding rounds. We saw lots of tree swallows and their nests (made with duck feathers), the participants each had a chance to try to catch the birds by blocking the nest box with a towel. The number of eggs from each nest is recorded, any new birds are banded and any birds with existing bands are marked down as well. This data is important to scientists studying bird populations and prairie ecology. We even saw a rare lady’s slipper, a type of native orchid. It was a great day!

*Photos & words courtesy of Chantelle Edwards