Mini Camp Was GREAT!

Photos for this blog courtesy of Maxine Panchuk

Choose your own Adventure was the perfect name for this action packed weekend. The planners met 4 times during the fall to prepare for an amazing weekend.

Mini Camp Planners: Fiona, Ewan, Alanna, Marcel, Chantelle, Emlyn and missing from the picture: Csaba, Carson and Angele who all contributed to the planning.

I’m not sure that I can quite explain EVERYTHING that happened this weekend, tons of fun, friendship and fantasy! However I can give you a few of the highlights.

Friday night was buzzing with excitement as many of our mini campers were attending for their first time! What is a better way to break the ice than some choose your own adventure skits in the jungles, caves and deserts of our imaginations! We also had a great introduction of CISV from the chinnies.

Ewan interviewing the chinnies about CISV

Saturday was jam packed too! We started out the day with a presentation on why Human Rights are important to us from Paula of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. We got to work out some scenerios that might happen in our community or school so we can know what to look for when it comes to our human rights!

Remai Modern Art Outreach stopped by for a great MASK MAKING WORKSHOP! What a great trust building and self expression activity.

We had a chance on Sunday to paint our masks and talk a bit about labels.

Winter in Saskatchewan is WONDERFUL!! Best part about spending time at Beaver Creek is playing outside in the snow. We often see animals like Deer and chickadees!

In the afternoon we had a special guest come visit us all the way from Africa! Well Salaash actually currently lives in Saskatoon but still has close ties with his home village in Africa. We were lucky enough to meet Salaash through his children’s participation in CISV mini camps in the past and were very excited to invite him out to share with us all about the Oltumo Maasai Well and other projects. This was such an amazing presentation about Maasai culture, challenges facing their way of life, community building and love for ones heritage. Salaash also shared with us how to make a fire using sticks, how to throw a spear and let us experience carrying water as his community members do in Africa. What an adventure!

Oltumo Maasai Project Facebook Page:


Traveling to a new country can bring out many emotions; excitement, nervousness, curiosity, uncertainty and a feeling of ADVENTURE! What a better way to simulate this experience for participants than going to a different country for SUPPER!

Participants met with a travel agent to book their ticket to a foreign land and took a plane and taxi to get to their final destination. Once they arrived they were met with unfamiliar table manners and you guessed it , had to order in a foreign language. Some people were pretty shocked when they ordered a glass of juice and a fork for dinner! Oh what fun times we had.

In the evening we had a chance to have a little fun with a game show! We had thinking challenges, active challenges, team challenges and silly challenges. The winner got to have first choice on which piece of land they’d like to own on the new mysterious planet… yes the adventure continues. But look out for the coin flip of doom (plot twist)!!!

Sunday we painted our masks and had an auction where we could purchase things for our new land on the mysterious planet. We had to choose between things we wanted and needed and had to outbid the other countries. We had to make decisions as a team, prioritize and deal with victory and disappointment together.

Mini Camp Group Photo


These amazing experiences would not be possible without the power of our amazing volunteers! I huge thanks goes out to:

Cara Hanson and Brooke Dunlap the kitchen babes who cooked for us all weekend. Only charge with high fives and hugs, they also have access to all the cookies when ever they want.

Thanks to the cabin supervisors; Brett, Marcel, Emlyn, Maxine, Chantelle, Linda and Cara. Especially thank you to Brett and Marcel for supervising the boys cabin 😉

Also thank those parents who volunteered in the kitchen (Karen, Linda, Janice, Pam, Rowan and Siobhan’s dad, Jenn, & Scott) and brought cookies and fruit for snacks.

Never ending thank to our guest presenters:

Paula Jane Remlinger SHRC From Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (Human Rights mini workshop)

Wendy Paterson – Remai Modern Arts Outreach (Mask Making)

Lialo Salaash – Oltumo Maasai Project

CISV Bacolod Philippians – Video Exchange project (previous post)

Next mini camp! Last weekend of February! Mark your calendars as I smell a COOKIE-A-THON!