Peace Bus Participant and Youth Philanthropist



Griffin has been volunteering with Child and Youth Friendly Saskatoon for years and just last month he participated in the Youth Philanthropy Workshop series. At this workshop series the group of youth were given a list of non-profit organizations and charities to chose from to support. They would then learn how to make a pitch to funders to secure funds for a cause they felt was important to them.


Griffin did not see CISV on the list so he decided to ask the organizers if he would be able to make a pitch for the CISV Peace Bus. They approved and then invited representation from CISV to attend one workshop and the pitch party.

Griffin and Alexa on Peace Bus 2015
Alexa and Griffin on Westbound Peace Bus sponsored by Windsor Salt 2015

Thank you to Marcel, Emlyn, Joanna and everyone who offered support in the workshop. They attended a session with Griffin to act as resources and also attended the pitch party to cheer on Griffin and help answer any questions from funders.


Griffin was able to secure a total of $1200 from various funders: $200 from United Way, $250 from Potash Corp, $250 from SIGA and $500 from the Clark Family (not an organization but an awesome family who just wanted to give)


Griffin put his pitch together based on his experience on the CISV Peace Bus last summer. He was aware of how costly the trip was for him and was very grateful that he was given the opportunity. So he felt that he would love to be able to assist another young person with a subsidy to assist in covering a portion of the program fees.


CISV Saskatoon is very thankful for Griffin’s efforts in securing funding. We are also thankful to CISV Peace Bus for bringing out the CISV passion in our youth and offering an unforgettable experience that will influence it’s participants for a life time.

Then the HUGEST thanks to those funders who not only participated in the youth philanthropy workshop but chose to support CISV Saskatoon sending a Peace Bus delegate.