Interchange with Sweden

What is an INTERCHANGE!?

An interchange is a unique program in CISV. Parents of a past interchange participant describes it as “there isn’t any other program out there that offers what the CISV interchange offers”.

Imagine this!

You join a delegation of 13-14 years olds from Saskatoon and each of you receive a match with someone your age and gender from Sweden! (There are 6 youth in the delegation and one adult leader) You and your family spend some time getting to know them via e-mail and social media before the program starts.

THEN all your matches come to LIVE WITH YOU IN YOUR HOUSE FOR 2 WEEKS! During the time you have a mix of family time, delegation time and even a mini camp! You show your new friend from Sweden what it’s like to be a young person living in Saskatoon Canada. Walk along the river, going to the lake, mini golf at Fuddruckers, the works!

After the 2 weeks is over that is not the end, it’s only half way done! You and your delegation fly to Sweden where you spend 2 weeks living in your partners house and they teach you all about their lives in Sweden!

Sound pretty amazing? Something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Well the opportunity has arrived as the summer of 2016 we will be having an interchange between Canada and Sweden and you guessed it the Canadians are from Saskatoon!

Start getting excited and plan to apply this November for this wonderful cross cultural opportunity.

More information is coming really soon! (Like Dates and exact city of interchange in Sweden)

Interchange to Italy 2010 Amy, Ella, Eleanor, Kaelin, Katherine, David, Chris,
Interchange to Italy 2010
Amy, Ella, Eleanor, Kaelin, Katherine, David, Chris,