July 24 – Last Day of Step Up

For all the pictures from today: https://flic.kr/s/aHskgYStg2

It’s the last day of camp and the staff are so impressed with everything our participants have accomplished. The picture below is a chart of how many people achieved each of our goals. Purple is Global Awareness, Orange is Leadership, Yellow is Social Responsibly and Green is personal growth. Each fish represents one of our delegates who achieved the goal. Great work delegates and great work to all the leaders and staff who facilitated and charted these achievements.


This morning we had the last activity of Step Up and was hosted by the DIMES planning group:


they prepared a tree planting ceremony for the entire camp. In the CISV song it says “Sow a seed and plant a tree, beneath those branches there may be, all the nations gathered free” the seeds are all the ideas of peace we discussed about at camp, those will be planted in us and grow into a large tree (or big actions!) Each person wrote a memory on a piece of paper and threw it into the hole where the tree would be planted afterwards we sang the CISV song.

P1030832 P1030910

In the afternoon we did a lot of packing and cleaning and signing each others books and shirts and writing each other notes to read on the plane ride home.

P1030942 P1030822

For the closing ceremony we did a web, each person had a chance to say anything they wanted to say to the group before passing a ball of yarn across the room to another person. Many people shared good memories, shared their thoughts, shared what they got out of camp and thanked those people who made a huge impact on them. It was a nice fair well.


At the end of the activity we had a giant web that connected everyone together to symbolize that our actions affect everyone and we will always be connected together because of this experience we had together.

The farewells started at 2:00am with Jordan departing first, followed by Indonesia at 4:00am and the rest at 7:00am. Everyone waited up to make sure they could say a last goodbye to everyone.


Thank you everyone for your contributions to our step up:

The parents for sending their children to the CISV Step Up, for some of you from across the world!

To the delegation leaders for volunteering their time and talents to bring all their delegations from near and far.

To the staff and hosting committee for their passion and commitment to hosting the Step Up

To the volunteers who carried out all the logistics to make it all happen

And of course to the delegates for letting their true selves shine, for valuing their friendships and for putting all they’ve got into making the best Step Up ever.