July 23 – Finn’s Birthday

Time to fill in the Program Evaluation Form!


Activity One today was a simulation game about refugees hosted by the loonies. The families (from last nights Thanksgiving dinner) were asked to pack their bags and went on a long walk around Rosthern, following the walk there was a boat simulation where the families had to sit on the floor in a small room. We’ve discussed a lot about refugees, racism and displacement this camp. We all feel grateful for our circumstances and have a better compassion for those people who live the life of a refugee.


In the afternoon we took some time to reflect on the theme Against the Flow, we looked at all the activities we’ve done over the days and categorized them into Ice Breakers, Team Building, Trust Activities, and Simulation games. We had a well rounded camp with many different topics being discussed. We focused a lot of immigration and racism but also on other things like disabilities, mental health, gender diversity, caring for the elderly etc.


Following the reflection activity we played a game of Cinderella, each team had a “theme” they had to use to create a unique version of Cinderella, musical, zombies, backwards etc.P1030713

Today is Finn’s 15th Birthday! When Cara asked him what his favorite colour was for the cupcakes he said PINK! great choice.

P1030778 P1030779 P1030782

Activity 3 was a letter writing activity, each delegate got an envelope and got to write a note to all the campers. 50 campers x 50 notes.. 2500 notes.. that’s a ton.

P1030791 P1030784 - Copy P1030785 - Copy P1030786 - Copy P1030787 - Copy P1030788 - Copy P1030789 - Copy

We needed a note writing break, chicken dance party with Patrick was perfect.