July 22 – Denmark Cultural Activity

The sun is shining it’s a beautiful day!!

This morning the Toonies ran an activity about Mental Illness, we learned about the symptoms of different mental illnesses and watched a few videos on the topic.


In the afternoon was the Danish Cultural Activity!

Everyone was given a red paper or blue paper and we had to “work” at different stations and the work changed depending on what colour your paper was. The work stations were a lot more difficult for the blue participants than the red ones for the same outcome. The discussion to follow was about racism in Denmark

P1030565 P1030567 P1030572

In the evening we had “Thanksgiving Dinner”, we made up pretend families and had traditional turkey dinner together and told each other what we were thankful for.

P1030586 P1030587 P1030588 P1030590

After dinner we had the Montio revealing! I think the best part is when Kefira sang a song to Aarif.. for some reason his name got missed in the monito draw so in order to make it up to him they sang him a beautiful song.

P1030599 P1030645 P1030662 P1030669

For activity 3 we watched a movie called “A Good Lie” about refugees from Sudan coming to USA.