July 20 – Italy Cultural Activity

All of todays photos are here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskg3Xc8n

This morning’s activity was done by the Quarters group, the activity was about privilege. We had to pretend to be different demographics of people and move ahead of behind according to statements like “It’s easy for me to find a job”, We also did an activity where we had to sit in rows in the theatre and throw a ball of paper into a basket. The people in the back of the room had a hard time getting it in, most of the people in the front row were fine. They talked about most people who have privilege don’t look back to see the people in the rows behind them. It was an interesting topic.


P1030326 P1030339

For the Italian Cultural Activity everyone had to try and get to the nutella, they had to jump into a board and travel across the water. Along the way they had different challenges people had to pass in order to receive the nutella. Sometimes people from your group did not pass but you did so you kept going forward. Little did we know that this would lead into a great discussion about refugees in Italy and what is happening about this topic in other countries. Wow, great job Italy.

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The evening activity was by the Loonies team on the topic of how the elderly are treated in society. Each group had to make their way though stations where some people had a hard time to hear, to remember, to walk, etc. We talked a lot about people in our lives that suffer from old age problems and talked about how we can treat them better.


P1030398  P1030406 P1030402

Before bed the “Shed” team prepared the mural for the Shed Project that will be happening tomorrow. We are all excited for local impact day tomorrow so we went to bed early.