July 19 – Jordan Cultural Activity & Gala Night

Find all of today’s photos at this link which includes lots of photos from the Gala Photo Booth!: https://flic.kr/s/aHskgy5Fxx

So we’ve been having lots of late nights and early mornings so today was SLEEP IN DAY! YAY!

In the afternoon we had the Jordan cultural activity! Each group was a family living in Jordan, they had to do different things like pay bills, grocery shopping, entertainment all on different budgets some families had more than enough and others not enough. They were allowed to help each other if they had more money than they needed to.

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Following the activity we all got to taste some Jordanian treats and received a information placemat of the Jordanian Delegation! What a nice treat.

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P1020957 P1020956 P1020954 P1020953

Tonight was the Gala night. The participants created a committee with one person from each delegation, they prepared decorations a menu and play list for the dance. They did an amazing job!

Gala Night Planning Committee
Gala Night Planning Committee

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