July 18 – Open Day

For all of todays photos check out this link: https://flic.kr/s/aHskgubnSf

Austria is delegation of the day and going against the flow with their great cultural outfits.


This morning with the help of all the leaders we got to do some trust falls. This was a voluntary activity that allowed participants to fall backwards into the arms of their trusting leaders.

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Then we had an awesome obstacle race through the web, don’t touch the string otherwise you have to take 3 steps back. You also had to go with a partner holding hands. WOW (so fun)

P1020772 P1020804 P1020779

Friends Forever
Friends Forever


Okay so Open Day was great, we had a lot of people drive from Saskatoon to be there for this special day. We did a funny skit, some games, a debrief, and of course set up some booths so the public could meet everyone.

Nicole and her mom and sister

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P1020844 P1020824P1020923 P1020915 P1020913 P1020910 P1020884

Following Open Day was leaders night out. We had some volunteers come from the chapter to take care of the participants while the leaders went to the Taste of Saskatchewan food festival with lots of great food, music and friendship.

The participants watched a documentary called “Happy” about the science of happiness and followed it with a discussion.

What an amazing day. Tomorrow we get to have SLEEP IN DAY followed by the Gala night.