July 17 – Brazil Cultural Activity

Well I’m sure you are all excited to hear about the simulation activity from last night. The discussion started with some realizations about being grateful for our comfortable lifestyle with a home, food, and all the basic necessities. It is not often we feel uncertainty which is really lucky for us to not be forced to be separated from our families and other support systems. Sometimes we complain about the small things and worry more about having the coolest clothes, the most updated electronics and for some people this is the last of their worries. We then started looking at the world around us where we found many people being displaced for various reasons, war, politics, racism, natural disasters. Every country could think of an example of where this occurred in their country. We talked about how society is not always accepting of people who are refugees in their country, and now that we are thinking all the stuff they’ve been through it’s really not fair. We had a chance to start thinking globally and acting locally. No pictures for this activity as photos just won’t do it justice. We are now ready to move into the last week of Step Up with open eyes to the world around us. Our little bubble just got bigger.

Many people woke up today with a message from their monito!P1020567

Today was Lydia’s last day, we gave her a lot of thank you gifts, hugs and even had a dance party to her favorite camp song “Salsa Tequilla”

P1020590 P1020578

Next was the Brazil delegation Cultural Activities, we learned about the different regions in Brazil by participating in some fun activities and earning some great Brazilian treats!

P1020599 P1020626 P1020658 P1020690 P1020696P1020668 P1020712

For Activity 3 today we played a giant trivia board game! We had to answer questions about injustices around the world. If you get it right your team moves ahead one space.

P1020715 P1020723