July 16 – Canadian Cultural Activity

Find all the pictures from today at this link: https://www.flickr.com/gp/129809442@N04/8c8S1T

This morning we started with the Egg Drop Activity, each team was given a different amount of money. With the money they had to buy the supplies they needed to make an egg carrier that would protect the egg from being dropped from a high surface. Will your egg survive?



This afternoon we took a tour of Valley Action Abilities, this is the organization we will do our Local Impact Day with. They do work with people with intellectual disabilities like Autism and Down Syndrome. We will plan a fun day special olmypics for them next week. We are so excited.

P1020496 P1020509

We also met Tim, he is in charge of the SARCAN which is our recycling program in Saskatchewan. This recycling program provides meaningful work for those people who have intellectual disabilities. SARCAN deals mostly with bottles and cans but also paint and electronics.


Siesta time today was really great! We all had an afternoon naps. awesome


We started preparing some welcome signs for Open Day and Local Impact because they are both coming up very soon! Open Day will be this Saturday and Local Impact on Tuesday!


The Canadian delegation made us all poutine! By the way a note to Kefira’s mom, she is always happy and smiling until I take her picture then she makes a crazy face… pretty much every time!


For the Canadian Cultural Activity we did a stereotypes game in the game they showed a funny video about a song that makes fun of Canadian Sterotypes. In response each country had to make their own funny song about their country. Brazilians living in houses in the trees and swinging to school on a vine, Jordanians riding to school on a camel, Americans being over weight and Spain fighting bulls “Ole!”


What a great day!

Tonight the leaders prepared a simulation activity on the topic of being displaced. There are no pictures of this activity because it took place early tomorrow morning (I sound like a teller of the future!) In many of our countries there are people being removed from their homes because of war, natural disasters, government decisions etc. For example people being evacuated from the Northern forest fires in Saskatchewan. The delegates were woken up very early and asked by the leaders to grab their pillow, shoes and blanket and to move out! The delegates were very quiet and sleepy as they moved together into the school where the girls slept on some gym mats on one side of the gym and the boys on the other side. They went back to sleep, in a place that wasn’t their room, they had very little belongings. We hope the emotions from this exercise will make for a great discussion tomorrow morning. So we can move into fulfilling out goals of developing active global citizens and agents of change for the future.