July 13 – Indonesia Cultural Activity


Today the staff needed some help running the camp shop. The Jordanian Delegation was happy to help!


We have some musicians at camp. Maggie and Ester are sharing their musical talents together.


Indonesia had their cultural activity, We played some traditional Indonesian games, top spinning competition, walking on coconuts, puzzels, marble relay, and playing with music and Indonesian Jack and ball.

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After the games we discussed about youth and their addiction to electronics, how this affects our social skills and what we think about the technology in our lives.


We have some twins at camp! Ester (Italy) and Sophia (Denmark) they actually came to camp with the same t-shirt from H&M.

The Indonesia delegation played the CISV song on a traditional Indonesian instrument



Lets make a human pyramid!!


For activity 3 we made some paintings about our favorite CISV songs. We had to find the lyrics of the songs and tell each other how the song made us feel.