July 12 – Pool Day

Today we walked to the pool in Rosthern and had fun with our friends in the water! It started to rain but only for 5 minutes.

P1020042 P1020039P1020050

In the afternoon we met a very inspirational woman, she is part of Idle No More and was one of 4 aboriginal women who started the movement. She is an artist and a grandmother and very passionate about social change.



Following her talk we had a discussion in small groups about how we can learn from our past in order to make better decisions in the present hopefully to create a more just world in the future.

P1020062 P1020061 P1020060

In the evening we had an activity from the Gravelbourg planning group.


We created some skits about good ways to go against the flow and bad ways to go against the flow

P1020122 P1020108 P1020090

We also did a bit of a magic trick, a giant human table!


What a great day! We can’t wait until tomorrow when we can participate in the Indonesia cultural activity.