July 11 – Today was USA Cultural Activity

Find all the pictures from today at this link: https://flic.kr/s/aHskg3inJW


Activity one today was hosted by Esterhazy! Each delegation had to come up with a newscast about a problem in their country. The news cast had to be entertaining and informative. Then the judges chose which one they thought best the best of both of those things.


Austria talked about alcoholism


Canada chose Bill C-15


Italy was about corruption


Brazil about drug problems


Indonesia was about children dressing like 20 year olds


Denmark was about a traffic jam and a boat that sunk

P1010937 P1010939

USA was about racism



For lunch was TUNA MELTS! and Salad


Each meal we take turns cleaning the dishes!


In the afternoon we did the USA Cultural Activity. Each person got a passport and had to go to certain places like the airport, the bathrooms, the pizza parlor, and office and a police station. We were all treated differently based on our pass port. Following we discussed discrimination.




In the evening we had an activity from planning group “Flemming”

P1010995The activity each of us had a country, in the country was a problem. The resources we had did not solve the problem so we had to trade with other countries. Some countries we were in conflict with other we were not.


The game was all about cooperation with eachother. If everyone traded fairly each country could solve their problem, however if they only considered their own needs it would not happen.


Only 50% of the problems in todays activities were solved with cooperation. This opened our eyes to how sometimes we think problems can be solved easily but often they are much more complicated than we think.

P1020007 Each day we are ending our day with Lullabies! Tonight we projected the words on to a TV screen in order to try a few new songs.