July 10 – Today was Austria’s Cultural Activity

Delegation of the day today was Denmark, They did wake up  flag time, and set out the placemats for the dayP1010906


The Aberdeen planning group prepared a great team building exercise for us today with 5 stations, each team had a turn at each station. The trick was that all the activities were explained in a different language. It was an exercise about communication and how we will be affected by it in our camp.

P1010680 P1010729

Austria had an amazing cultural activities regarding the concerns of access to alcohol for teens. We had a great discussion about how this affects us in our home countries. We got to make up a skit about it.


After the activity the delegates called a camp meeting! They discussed some stuff they wanted to do in camp including monitos and Gala night and also addressed a few issues about respecting sleep and cleaning up after yourself


For activity three Planning Group team Biggar used the theatre to make up skits about different conflicts we’ve seen in our lives on the topics of Sustainable Development, Diversity, Conflict and Resolution, and Human Rights. It was a lot of fun to use some costume items.

Biggar Planning Group, August (Denmark) Elliott (USA) Alanoud (Jordan) Nici (Austria and Pedro (Brazil)