Excursion to Saskatoon

Good Morning from the Canadian Delegation!


We took the yellow school bus to Saskatoon this morning for a great day of shopping, we sang a lot of songs with all our friends!

P1010477 We were very excited to make it to Midtown Plaza to do some shopping!P1010479

P1010480 P1010486 P1010485 P1010487

Back on the yellow school bus to go to Wanuskawin!P1010494

We did a round dance to represent our friendship together.P1010523 We met a beautiful dancer who talked about her regalia and dancingP1010534

P1010540 P1010546 P1010570 P1010584 P1010587 P1010591 P1010596 P1010609

Our activity 3 is a cooperation game to get everyone across the river! Planning Group: Rosie (Canada), Federica (Italy), Vitor (Brazil) and Jasper (Indonesia)