July 8 – Blanket Activity

Today’s blog is super fun because it starts at the end of the day and goes forward! So last thing first, everyone went to bed a little bit earlier than usual today because tomorrow is our excursion day!

But before that was an activity by Kikko (Spain), Finn (Canada), Julia (Brazil, Tia (Jordan) and their leader Patrick (Denmark) the planning group name “Dalmeny” named after a Saskatchewan Town. They activity they ran was a team builder and non-verbal communication game called Maze Masters. On the ground you will see the grid, the maze master has a secret puzzle that each team member must walk past but one trick, no talking to each other. A great way to build some trust and team work skills


Activity 2 was a special treat. We invited our friends Paul, Chantelle and Rissy to talk to us about colonization in Canada in preparations for our excursion day tomorrow. They ran “The Blanket Activity”.


The blankets on the floor represent the land and the participants represent the aboriginal people of Canada. As you will notice in the pictures we started out with lots of space and freedom and people and ended with many small spaces separated and not as big of a population.


We are meeting with out planning group every day now! Each participant will plan at least 4 activities before the camp is over.

Here is Planning Group team Gavelbourg (Pablo, Sophia, Maci and Marcandrea)


And our friends from planning group team Hauge!



Speaking of Team Hauge! They ran their activity today. It was so much fun. They called it “Speed Dating” It was a change for everyone to get to know eachothe a little better by asking eachother questions like your favorite sports, songs, books etc.


Here they are Kefira (Canada), Audrey (Indonesia), Katrine (Austria) and Kayleigh (USA)


First thing this morning we noticed an article about us in the Rosthern Valley News!! No wonder everyone know who we are when we walk to town. We hope to see everyone at the Open Day also!