Site tour day

Last weekend the staff team and camp committee bundled up and took a drive out to Rosthern to check out the camp site. It was snowy and cold but soon the snow will melt, the grass will be green and it will be time for camp. While we were there we met the Mayor who is very excited about the camp and meeting everyone.

We took a ton of photos for you to see what you to expect.

Photo Album

The camp site is a private school in a small town just out side of Saskatoon. We are about 45 minutes by car from the city centre. This school is usually home to about 80 students so we will have lots of room to spread out. The primary building that we will be using is a dormitory. This building has a separate girls and boys sleeping wing, kitchen, lounges, theatre and game area. We will also have access to the school which is across the parking lot. In the school there is a huge gymnasium, leaders lounge, administration offices (there will be a few of the school staff on site working out of this building) and activity room.

The school is surround by huge green spaces for sports and outdoor activities. There is a fire pit, tennis courts and basketball courts.

A short walk down the road takes you into the town of Rosthern. In the town there are a couple of restaurants, a few shops, a bank, a hospital, an art gallery and swimming pool. The town is not very big but is very friendly, and has most of the services we will need during camp.

Stay tuned to the blog for more details about the camp. We can’t wait to meet you!

Lindsay (Your camp committee co-chair)