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CISV inspires action for a more just and peaceful world.

educational content

We appreciate the similarities between people and value their differences.

We support social justice and equality of opportunity for all.

We encourage the resolution of conflict through peaceful means.

We support the creation of sustainable solutions to problems relating to our impact upon each other and the natural environment.

Active Global Citizens

Peace Education provides us with the attitudes skills and knowledge we need to become agents of change, both locally and globally. In other words, to become Active Global Citizens.

Experiential Learning


CISV uses the “Learning by Doing” model. It is a way of saying learning from direct experience, rather than from reading a book or listening to lectures. It is characteristic of all CISV programs and you may hear the process being referred to as “experiential learning”.

Our Programs

At CISV we believe in building global friendship, starting with children. But we also offer a range of multicultural experiences to youth and adults, providing the opportunity to experience the CISV philosophy and live our values. Find out more about our exciting and diverse activities:

CISV Saskatoon

Every CISV Chapter runs activities on a year round basis.  Volunteers of all ages and entire families are encouraged to take part.

Programs Age group
Junior Branch 11-25
Mini Camp 10+
Community Involvement All ages

CISV Canada

CISV Canada hosts a number of CISV activities focused on Junior Branch development. Check out our “CISV Canada” tab for more information

Programs Age group
Peace Bus 14-18
Spring Board Training Forum 11-25
National Camp 10-25

International Programs

CISV Chapters around the world host a range of programs for different age groups. CISV Saskatoon will send a number of delegations to represent Canada at these programs. Please see “International Programs” tab for more information.

Programs Age group
Village 11
Interchange 12-15
Youth Meeting (Delegation) 12-15
Step Up 14-15
Youth Meeting (Individual) 16-18
Junior Counselor 16-17
Seminar Camp 17-18
International People’s Project 19+